Businesses To Protect The Oceans

When we think of business we probably view them as greedy, exploitive and against the environment. Many businesses associated with the oceans exploit the oceans for its rich natural resources including fishing, oil and gas development, and mining. On the other hand, there are also many businesses that don’t harm the oceans, nor do they help restore or protect the ocean. Finally, there are businesses and business ideas that can help protect and/or restore the ocean; however, these businesses are unrepresented in our world.

The Oceans are in serious need of our attention. There are a number of organizations and people that are dedicated to helping the Oceans; however, they are a small group and rely on funding that has dwindled considerably since the global economic downturn. Less funding means less action to protect and restore the Oceans. Even with more funding, the small sector of organizations cannot save the Oceans completely. They require everyone around the world to pay attention to the Oceans, its issues, and the processes required to help them.

There is an opportunity here for Entrepreneurs to help people take part in solutions through smart and sustainable business practices. The public is, now more than ever, aware of environmental issues and would like to see changes, they just don’t know how to facilitate these changes. People who develop businesses with the expressive mission to help protect the Oceans will help facilitate a global movements that will help protect the Oceans. I have a name for the people who are out there running these types of businesses and for the people who are developing these business ideas…I call them, us, Oceanpreneurs.

My Journey to Becoming an Oceanpreneur

It took me decades before realizing that I am an Oceanpreneur. I started out wanting to be a Marine Biologist, from the age of 14. My initial dream was to study dolphins, whales, and sharks. The dream changed as I got older a learned more about the Oceans and the issues they face. The more I learned, the more my dream changed from studying dolphins, whales, and sharks to protecting Ocean species and their habitats through Marine Protected Areas and proper Ocean management and planning.

It wasn’t long into my career where I started to see business opportunities arise through work. Ideas such as Ocean educational camps, ecotourism businesses, and saltwater aquarium ideas. Each idea would provide a benefit to the Ocean. Every time I thought of a business idea, I would get butterflies in my stomach. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night because I couldn’t stop thinking of my business ideas; however, I suppressed my urge to start a business for a while. I suppressed the ideas because in my head I knew I was going to be a marine biologist and help protect the Oceans. After all, only marine biologists can save the Oceans…right?

I finally gave into my entrepreneurial side and started a side business importing Ocean animals for saltwater aquariums. The business didn’t last very long because I quickly realized more animals died during the importing process than I could sell. My Ocean Conservation side realized the marine aquarium import business wasn’t for me. Since my first business, I learned quite a bit about running a business.

Over the last 6 years, I studied product development, networking, and online and offline marketing to the point where I helped other businesses develop their mission and communicate it effectively with the result of growing their business. I even used the knowledge I gained through experiences, research, and courses to apply to my future business that I still run today. Except, my mission for my business has changed…and this business is going to help you become an Oceanpreneur.

Who Can Become An Oceanpreneur

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